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Living in Harmony With Nature

What is Biodiversity?

There are many different species and lifeforms that exist on our planet. This concept is known as biological diversity or the shorter phrase Biodiversity. This includes every organism that you have never heard of to the largest tree or mammal you can think of.

Biodiversity is not an isolated issue that affects just a certain group of people. It affects everyne, no matter where you live or what your culture is.

The Way we live

Many forms of life make up the way we live today.
The things that we take for granted in our everyday life such as the food we eat, the medications that we take, the clothing we wear and even the houses that we live in, are there because of what nature has provided through the web of life that we call Biodiversity.

Our Way of Life Is Threatened

The loss of Biodiversity is the problem While we understand that extinction is a fact of life, there are many species that are now becoming extinct at an alarming rate.
When a form of life ceases to exist, it will affect another form of life. Every living thing is connected in the web of life.

Climate Change

The number one threat to biodiversity is Climate change. There shouldn’t be too much debate about the reality of climate change these days, as we see and hear about the effects of it almost on a daily basis.

The acceleration of the sea level, large wildfires dangerous heat waves, droughts, extreme storm events, have become far too common in too many areas for us to ignore. These things contribute to the loss of Biodiversity. Scientists have good reason to be alarmed about the frequency and severity of these weather events going on around the world.

Without these things....

- Wild Life
- Plant Life
- Sea Life
- Insects and Micro Organisms

We wouldn't have these things....

- Food
- Shelter
- Medicine
- Clothing

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From the Top, is the Official internet radio broadcast dedicated to providing information about the Decade on Biodiversity and MFB

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Official CD/EP


Artist Name Song Title
Tony Exum Jr Music in Me
Ryan Kilgore When Love Gets Funky
C Sharp Love
Christine McHoes Heavenly Moments
Ashleigh Ashton Break in Two
Modis Chrisha Shining
DrCal Salsa in Me
Jasmine Tea Love you Forever


May 22nd 2017

This is a Compilation of Artist who shared their music to support MFB to bring Awareness to Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Ryan Kilgore is the lead Sax Man for Stevie Wonder and currently on tour.

There are original tunes from Modis Chrisha and DrCal, CEO of MFB.
“Good music for a good cause”

Who we are

Musicians for Biodiversity is a Non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting awareness of Biodiversity and Biodiversity loss. Musicians have always led the way when it comes to bringing important matters to the attention of the public. The United Nations has designated the years 2011-2020 as the Decade on Biodiversity.

Our purpose and goal
Our goal is to make people aware that Biodiversity is the web of life that connects us to all the different forms of life that are on our planet. We must understand that no matter where we live or what our culture is, the loss of biodiversity can affect how well we live and function on this planet.

We also need to make people aware of how biodiversity is related to and connected to other environmental issues such as Climate Change, which is the number one threat to Biodiversity.

Our Partnership with the United Nations
The goal of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity is to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and to promote its overall vision of living in harmony with nature. We became official partners with the UN on this effort in 2013.

To help support these goals, from time to time we invite officials from the UN to be a guest on our internet radio broadcast “From the Top” Over the past few years. we have had the pleasure of interviewing Mr.David Ainsworth, the Information Officer and the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Dr Braulio Dias (now former Executive Secretary) on our show several times.

We also keep up to date with the progress that is being made throughout the world on this ambitious project undertaken by the United Nations.

Board of Directors:

Calvin Hogue - Rochelle Park, New Jersey
Brian Benkert - Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Garrison Davis - Lithonia, Georgia

How can I contribute to MFB

First thing is to understand this is a human issue and the message is simple

“Do what you can, where you are.”

MFB is not just for those who are musicians.
Everyone has something to contribute no matter what your background or occupation, Teachers, Parents, Children, etc.

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